Saturday, December 27, 2008

For the Sun, For Its Warmth

Wednesday, 24 December, 2008
04:58:13 PM

For the Sun, For Its Warmth

The sun starts shining again,
after a couplet of hopeless days,
of the darkness of calamity,
for screwing up the ambience of serenity.
I lose my tranquility.

The warmth of sun heals ailment and pain,
its light renders abundance of ways,
to the the glory,
for the seekers who wish to get out from misery.
I am off worry.

Short-Lasting Sweetheart

Wednesday, 24 December, 2008
04:58:13 PM

Short-Lasting Sweetheart

Friendship is sweet when it is new,
blossoms lovely like the smile of you.

Good tunes that they had together
Rhymed from the day he asked for her number
They had smiles, they delighted one another.

Alas, a nano flaw made her evening a disaster
She found out that he has a girl of another
She was burst, exploded like mountain of fire.

Devastation surrounded her
She felt fooled, he's a deceiver
She was so upset, he's a trouble-maker.

But those were before he told her
that anything between him and the girl was over
He called her twice just to make it clear.

Time has drawn them closer
and also by time, all sweetness and light dissappear.

Never Seek To Tell Why You

Never Seek To Tell Why Thou

As it might have been written,
specially for the special unknown seven,
a huge storm was burst,
upon the shade of venom she cursed;
and agonised underneath a greasy hug,
to dispel her green eyes on the black rose it rugged,
warm and cosy in snug.

A tenderness of envy dwelt in me,
to the echo that melt thy hearing,
the one who shake thy feeling,
the fortune nymph of the soul that blown,
for her chance sailing in thy throne.

O my graceful moon,
I pray thou would be gracious soon,
and beget flowery blissful seeds in full bloom.

Jan 17, 2008.

I Adored You

I Adored You

I adored you; and perhaps, I adore you still,
the flame, I guess, is not extinguished yet,
it burns so quietly within my soul,
creeps up gradually at the heart of mine,
grows with tears and joys,
appears brighter than the sunshine,
at times too jealous, at times too shy.

As the ray of sunshine goes down,
the attraction to you drifts me drown,
in flood of tears, hopelessly,
I lay to throw;and diminish trivial days of sorrow,
no longer would suffering overflow.

As heavenly blissful feathers heal my pain,
shall there no wounded heart left in vain,
how wondrous sweet the glory I'd gain.

Dec 28, 2007.

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Mean Man Whose Face Looks Pleasant

Sat, Jan 19, 2008.

A Mean Man Whose Face Looks Pleasant

A man is mean,
though it can't be seen,
or touched by skin,

there is still,

a nymph who feels;
how hurtful it peels
and slices the heart of a keen.


Sat, Jan 19, 2008.


I wanna go to El-Dorado,
would there i get my pink vaio,
and build an enormous castle for my mom, sis n bro,
but there's no way to go,
and no maps to follow.

Vanished Beyond Reminiscence

Wed, Jan 30, 2008.

Vanished Beyond Reminiscence

Under the moonlight I reminisce the day,
when thou patiently waited me at the balcony bay,
and walked with me along the way,
until the staircase did us apart,
and some buddies swiftly interposed.
But thou remained hold me tight,
charm and light till my shadow dissolved.

My glance returned in a deep exchange,
thy shining eyes, and charming gaze;
with a loving smile and gentle face,
had it once sorely taken place,
in a narrow lane and the time I embrace.

From now on, those turn me all on blind,
thy halcyon day of blowing wind,
leave me disappointments and unmerciful mind.

My Hope Is Gone

Tues, Feb 29, 2008.

My Hope Is Gone

I've thrown my hope away,
'coz it harmed me everyday,
months long it jailed me in despair.
It has now ripped in the air,
I wish it would no longer stay.
Good bye days.


Wed, April 2, 2008.


Hussy gets onlike a house in fire,
rise every roaster's desire.
Hussy is a disaster,
many cur will suffer.

Say It Again

Say it again, honey

The Glance

I noticed it,
but I can't believe it.
The glance in a minute.


I went out of tercet,
and go to quatrain.
Then I wish I could write a couplet.

Crack On the Strain

They are coy, coward and crabby.
None of them is chubby,
but all are stinky and smelly.

Old Nick

They are wicked.
But they look plain moderate.
I should start the engine now, and accelerate.

The Sun Shines

Why does the sun go on shining,
don't she know the stars glow,
at night where the moon shores.

Her Tutankhamun's Ring

Wild pink blouse,
with Tutankhamun's ring,
there Aisha swings.

Elusan Dunia

Thurs Nov. 20, 2008
09:08:38 AM

Elusan Dunia

Indah puisi...
Indah lagi sang pelangi
kala hujan turun renyai
ia terbit memancar dari balik awan
mencalit serangkai warna di langit petala.

Mentari bertakhta kembali
menerbit kian tinggi, menyinari bumi
sesudah hujan berhenti.
Pelangi kini tiada lagi.

Bayu petang menghembus dingin
senja pun berlabuh
burung-burung berkicau riang
terbang, pulang ke sarang
telah seharian bergelandangan.

Matahari menyirna pergi
membenam ke bumi,
kini rembulan bersinar kelam.

Siang diganti malam.

Aku ingin...

Friday, December 05, 2008
11:36:29 AM

Aku ingin...

Aku ingin jadi gadis Melayu
yang manis dan ayu
tapi aku nggak bisa
kerna aku bercermin mata

Aku ingin sekali punya teman setia
yang nemanin aku tiap masa
ke mana sahajasuka dan duka bersama
tapi ternyataaku nggak pernah punya teman sepertinya
kerna aku sukar sekali menerima diaseadanya

Aku juga ingin miliki pria istimewa
berkasih mesramenghibur lara
tapi banyak sekali batasan yang perlu dipelihara
sedangkan aku nggak bisa menjaga semua
makanya aku berteman biasa

Aku yakin Tuhanku Maha Pemberi Segala
bila saatnya tiba
Dia pasti memberi aku bahagia.