Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am shy
I can't look into his eyes
I lower my gaze
I can't see his face

I can't arrange my words right
My day turns night
No light
I lose my sight

This is my first time
become so shy
when I talk to a guy.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009
03:46:40 PM

The Day When I Saw Him Twice

Thursday, January 08, 2009
1:07:41 PM

The Day When I Saw Him Twice

I saw him
I saw him again
He didn't see me
He didn't see me again

I wonder why was I surprised
when I saw him, walking
I wonder why all sorts of worry arised
after I saw him, sitting

He's not so good-looking
not so caring
not so interesting
He's just an ordinary being

Who am I talking about?
(please don't say this out loud)

He was my crush
who made my cheek blushed
when he talked dirt
and acted like a flirt.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Conflict (When a minor intuition voices out, the dominant rebuts)

(When a minor intuition voices out, the dominant rebuts)

I saw him
with a pretty girl
I didn't beam
of course I won't do it
I just didn't like it
it displeased me
tho' I know she's his best buddy
and I know I like him no more.

He doesn't deserve to be liked by me
"But he was my prince charming"
He shouldn't be the causal of my consious anxiety
"But he always shakes my feeling"
O dear, see him as a being
who possesses neither a good quality nor is he enchanting
He's not the man you've been yearning
not also the one you've been dreaming.

He's the man from your yesterday
who has messed you up along the way
and sneaked your smile before you reach today.

Don't let your heart get broken again,
think how much has you gained
since you let go the pain.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dear Father

Dear Father,

I couldn't bear
when He took you away
It was not fair
doesn't He know you are my shelter and hay?

I shed my tears
it made me cry worse
"Let him go..."
they said so
Of course they can say that
it's not their dad

your soul has reached its given date
When is my fate
they do not know, they cannot see
Who knows this could be the last line before death comes upon me.

:: 4th commemoration of daddy's demise ::
Dec 31st, 2004
9.40 p.m.