Monday, March 22, 2010

Chirpy, the Birdie

This is not love                           
for love is too strong a word                  
and too strong a feeling.                   
This is rather, a fondness for a human being           
who, when speaking, sounds like a chirpy bird           
that flies freely and so gracefully in the sky above.      

Speak more, chirpy                       
speak more to me                       
for your voice is the mildest to the ear             
amiable and tender                       
soothing the heart                        
gently casting all the worries and doubt.                  

Fly near, birdie                       
fly near to me                          
for nothing is more desired than to rejoice in your company   
and to have you stand by me.                   

Speak more and fly near to me,                  
O chirpy, my birdie.